Alumni of 1977 40 year Reunion
September 23, 2017
7 months and 29 days since
our Reunion.


Happy 2018 to all!!

Our 40th Reunion was a success!!  

We welcomed 1977 alumni and all students who attended Lord Beaverbrook, by starting Grade 10 in 1975, Grade 11 in 1976, and students who did graduate or "may not have" graduated Grade 12 in 1977.  

Our thoughts were and still are, that after 40 years, any gathering should be more about seeing your oldest friends, who you may have first met before (or at) Elementary School or in Junior High, or at LBHS.  Ultimately most of us ended up together, at Lord Beaverbrook High School.

And a Big Thank you to the 1976 and 1978 years for joining us in our celebration this year.....this was a wonderful idea and the feedback certainly has been most fun!! 

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Reunion Poll
After our 40th, when should we get together again?

for our 60th Birthday year?
5 years from now, Sept of 2022
sooner than later
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